Everyone who has a bank account cannot do without making deposits. Deposit slips are an itemized slip which shows all money, notes, coins and checks that are deposited into an account in particular. Deposit slips can be two kinds – personalized or standard. Generic deposit slips could be obtained from the bank and they do not include any personal information printed on them. Any client of the bank can use them if they provide information such as name, address and account number. You can find personalized deposit slips in the back of a book of checks and they have the account holders personal information and the bank account information reprinted.

Personalized slips can be ordered in case we need to make a bank deposit. These slips are easily purchased from online retailers offering banking products and supplies. You can have standard deposit slips or personalized ones. There are also companies which offer different text styles such as calligraphy, script, freehand and old English.

There is a variety of deposit slips. There are booked deposit slips which have the same format as a checkbook, others are in 3-on-a-page style which are perforated while the third type of deposit slips are Quicken laser ones. The cost of 100 deposit slips is about $6.00. Presumably, the more slips you buy, the more money you save, so you better buy in large quantities. Shipping costs will also be less in case you order only a few times.

If you have a computer and a printer you might actually print your very own deposit slips. However financial institutions have different rules and regulations so you should first check if your bank allows the use of home printed deposit slips. Banks which allow this will usually offer you a template which you can use. axis bank rtgs form

When you are obtaining deposit slips for the first time it is a good idea to consider the costs. If you choose to print your own deposit slips the cost of paper and ink may be quite expensive. If you’d like to order deposit slips you might find shipping and handling fees quite costly. One way to cut expenses is to watch for specials and use coupons for supplies when printing your slips.

There is no doubt that the cheapest method is to use the generic ones available in the lobby of your bank. Above all, you don’t have to pay for them because they are free.