A new in-memory Business intelligence solution from SAS uses a highly visible interface to bring highly effective statistics to a wider type of customers than ever before. SAS Visual Analytics provides a quick, simple, and cost-effective direction to company understanding and better choices.

With SAS Visual Analytics, companies can:

•Apply the power of SAS Analytics to large amounts of data

•Visually discover data quickly futureon

•Share fresh ideas with everyone, everywhere, via the Web.

SAS Visual Analytics brings together statistics, unique in-memory structure, user-friendly details development, Hadoop support, and information-delivery options, such as the iPad. It is the only in-memory motor designed specifically for company creation of big details on affordable, non proprietary components.

SAS Visual Analytics allows company customers to creatively discover data on their own, said SAS CEO Jim Goodnight. Running on low-cost, industry-standard knife web servers, its high-performance in-memory structure provides solutions in a few moments or minutes instead of hours or days.

Big Data without Limits

A primary part of SAS Visual Analytics, the SAS LASR Analytic Hosting server, uses Hadoop as local storage space at the server for mistake patience. SAS LASR Analytic Hosting server has been examined on immeasurable series of details and is extremely scalable, skipping the known line restrictions of many relational data source management systems (RDBMS).

The more data used in an analysis, the more precise the outcomes. This is especially eye-catching when precision is crucial in troubleshooting across big details surroundings, such as both organized and unstructured details.

SAS Visual Analytics can fix many company problems. For example, an advertising strategy administrator at a store with thousands of shops and a successful on the internet product sales route needs quicker, more innovative next-best-offer suggestions for clients. SAS Visual Analytics allows experts to look at all data from on the internet product sales, shops, exterior market details and social networking. Whole communities can be examined to figure out the best provide or connections rather than using an example, moving easily and straight to solid, precise suggestions. This data can then be distributed easily.

Banks and capital marketplaces organizations can also use the strength of SAS Visual Analytics to help retail store division team, professional lenders, and financial ad visors cut through the mess of big data to improve client communications and economical advice in an appropriate way.

SAS Visual Analytics includes:

• SAS LASR Analytic Server: Clients connect with SAS LASR Analytic server for computations on the details citizen in-memory, generating quick results.