This is a question many weight lifters struggle with, since it seems like all those expensive machines must be good for something. After all, why would all the major gyms pay big bucks to get all those weight machines in there if they didn’t work great? weight packing machine

Machines can be very tempting to use because they are easy. All you do is load up the weight and push. You don’t have to balance anything, or stabilize the weights yourself. This makes it so you can lift more weight on a machine exercise than you can with the free weights.

While this may sounds like a good idea if your goal is to build strength and muscle, it is actually the biggest problems with machines. When you use a machine to lift a weight, you are doing it in an unrealistic way.

If you start lifting free weights in your workouts, you’ll notice that you can’t do as much weight because you have to expend energy to keep the weight from falling away. This causes you to work your muscles in a much more thorough way. It also allows you to move the weight in a natural range of motion instead of restricting it to the path of the machine.

By lifting free weights you are reducing the risk of injury because you are training your muscles to fully work, instead of just training them to push in one given direction. You will also gain strength much faster by using free weights since you are doing all the work, instead of relying on a machine to give you a hand.