You have decided to get more exercise and one of the best ways is to sign up at the gym. This is not always without problems though:


  • you are not happy with the membership charges,
  • you understand you will need to take a lot of time out to travel to the gym and get changed in and out of gym wear,
  • you also need to fit your workout times in with the gym opening hours.


Well visualize a gym that is open 24/7, is no travelling distance, where there is no one watching over you and there are no monthly charges. You have just imagined your own home gym.

There are no good reasons why you cannot make a home gym in your house or apartment. A home gym makes your workouts convenient and private. By doing your exercise in your home means that you save time and money. Naturally you may have budget or space limitations but creating a gym at home can be really practical. Imagine all the cash saved in gym membership fees and driving costs over the year.

Possibly the best approach for you is to start with one piece of equipment and add further functionality over a period of time. Try starting with just a workout bench: these do not take up too much space and many cost under $100. The best position in your home will be well ventilated and lit and ideally have a fairly high ceiling. Just ensure that there is enough space around you while you exercise.

If budget and space allows then you can invest in a Home Gym Machine. These are practical, all in one exercise machines. The cost here starts in the hundreds and, if you have the funds, you can go to the tens of thousands for the most expensive models. High Waist Gym Leggings

These machines comprise a bench and various sets of weighted pulleys combining most of the various exercises of a commercial gymnasium into and all in one machine. These machines allow you to perform presses, curls, pull downs, squats and many common gym workouts.

Home Gym Machines are sold in most large sports equipment stores as well as online at sites such as Amazon and Walmart. It may even be worth checking out the classifieds in your local paper or maybe eBay for some pre-owned equipment that will really help with limited financial resources.

So do not waste any more time, start now with building your very own home gym today.