So many people fall victim of being cheated on in a relationship. What’s even worse is there are so many who didn’t know their lover was cheating on them for months and in some cases even years. Wouldn’t you like to find out how to catch a cheater as well as be able to detect suspicious actions by your partner? If you are like most concerned husbands and wives then I bet you surely do.

One indicator is if they suddenly started working late. However, you don’t notice any financial improvements from them doing overtime. This could mean they are either with someone cheating on you or they could be even doing this at the office in rare cases. how to cheating on the phone

Plan a trip of sorts. Whether it’s family or business related be sure to leave them there. You can even say it’s an emergency and you must leave now to take care of it. Give them a date on which you will be back. You’d be surprised at how comfortable cheaters get when their partner is out of town.

Check for any suspicious phone numbers on their cell phone. So many people that cheat tend to always contact their significant other via their cell phone. Be sure to write down a list of any suspicious phone numbers you see in their phone book and their recent calls section. Return home around three or four days and surprise them.

Once you have your list ready then you have the option to use a reverse phone service. With this kind of service you can receive detailed information about the owner of the cell phone. Best of all it’s completely confidential.