When it comes to improving your breast size it’s all about diversity. If you’re looking to enhance your breast size then you can start with a breast firming exercise. Mega boobs

This will improve your breast muscles making them stronger and slightly bigger hence giving you bigger and fuller breast. There are two types of exercise you can do to achieve this.

Grab a chair and place your hands on the seat with your feet sticking out. Now you want to do push ups while holding onto the chair. It’s a good idea to place the chair against the wall so you don’t get hurt.

Start off with doing 10 reps of 5 a few times a day and then increase this as time goes on. This will tighten your breast muscles up giving you fuller breast.

The next exercise that will help your breast become fuller is sit ups. The only difference here with sit ups is when you go back down you need to slowly go down holding your position every inch or so. It should take you a few to get back flat on the floor.

During this you should feel your chest getting tight. This means you are using your chest muscles which is a good thing. This means your chest muscles may expand hence expanding your chest.

When you exercise you will also lose weight and get a flatter mid section which will accentuate your chest. Along with exercise you will need to eat the right foods. Coupled with diet and exercise you can take natural herbal supplements to improve your boob size even further.