Knowing how to sell a car is an essential skill that anybody employed in an automotive sales environment should possess. The benefits of car sales training cannot be overemphasized. Whether you own a car sales company or work for one, it is essential that you or your employees should be fully aware of the skills required in automotive sales.

Car sales training can teach you and your staff all that you need to maximize your income by optimizing your conversion rate, and also how to do so without any legal issues. Too many auto sales businesses employ untrained staff that can lead to legal problems while also failing to make the best of what their business has to offer.

The Benefits of Car Sales Training

Whether male or female, owner or employee, car sales training offers many benefits. People whose job it is to sell cars should have a good grasp of five major aspects of their primary function:


  • How to approach a prospect
  • An understanding of the psychology of selling cars
  • A good knowledge of the technology of their product
  • A firm knowledge of their company finance, warranty, and insurance protocols and policies
  • An understanding of current regulations regarding sales practices and etiquette.


Many sales staff do not understand how to approach a prospect appearing on the lot, or walking through the showroom door. They have not been trained in the sales psychology required to maximize the potential of everybody that walks through that door or kicks tires in that lot. It is not their fault – it is because they have not been properly trained. car buyers gold coast

How to Sell a Car Is a Learned Skill

Knowing how to sell a car does not come naturally, and it is easy to spot the trained sales staff from those that are untrained. Generally, the car lot or dealership making most money will be the one with the best trained staff! That’s because they understand how to sell cars.

a) So what is it about the above five points that makes them so important? To begin with, if you don’t know how to approach a prospect without appearing aggressive or pushy, then you are more likely to lose that sale than somebody who knows how to appear friendly and knowledgeable.

b) Secondly, a car sales course can teach you the psychology of selling cars. You will learn how to approach a prospect, how to detect whether or not they want help (if not, just observe them, do not intervene) and how to offer help if they need it without appearing aggressively forceful.

c) Auto sales training will also teach you the importance of knowing every car on your lot or displayed in your showroom. You must never appear ignorant of the cylinder capacity, horsepower or even fuel consumption of any car. Learn about the pros and cons of hybrids and also the various hybrid options – if you sell them (which you are sure to shortly.)