Nowadays, a lot of people are setting up a UK limited company. Many people like the UK LTD company because it gives people an impression that they are a trustworthy business. You don’t have to be in the UK to set up a business in United Kingdom. To setup register a limited company the UK firm, you have to go through UK corporation registration process. The business registration process involves a fast and easy process. You can get a UK corporation (LTD UK) setup by hiring an accounting firm in the UK. Many accounting firms offer full package services. The full package service includes a registered business address in the UK, mail forwarding, accountancy services, VAT and etc.

Some accounting firms use automatic submission services. Automatic submission service is not good because it will cause erroneous information to be filled in the form. Survey shows that 17% of forms submitted through automatic submission service have incorrect information. Due to this fact, a manual correction on the information provided in the form becomes necessary.

You should hire an accounting firm that will manually check every firm. The firm should give you advice on the business setup before submitting it to the business registration firm of UK. The firm must provide good customer service. In case you have any question, you must be able to contact the firm so that your problem can be solved. The firm should have a good connection with every business so that it can resolve all the questions within a short time. In addition, the firm should not outsource. If the firm outsources, there is a chance that problems will happen during the firm registration process.

You need to set aside a budget for hiring the UK limited company registration service. The price of the UK LTD firm registration service should be same with the market price.