Mexican president, Felipe Calderon has announced 2011 to be “The Year of Tourism” at a large ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on 02/25/2011. This official announcement is no accident and comes in response to the rising violence at the US-Mexican border and in an attempt to fight back against dropping numbers of tourists coming to Mexico.

The income from tourism has long been responsible for supporting the independent economy in each state (Mexico is a federation, similar to the United States), and its profits have been used to help build new and repair old roads, bridges, build new hospitals, and public facilities. The benefits from this revenue have filtered down to all levels of the local population. What to do at sentosa singapore 

President Calderon acknowledged in his speech that Mexico’s image has taken a hit in the past few years, and that it will be a bit of a struggle to help restore the image of Mexico back to the friendly, beautiful vacation paradise that it is. To do that, the Federal Government has made available the funding for worldwide advertisement platforms. The State Governments are not only improving the infrastructures throughout Mexico, but also, they are recruiting young English speaking men and woman into the ranks of the Tourist Police, who are educated about the importance of a positive attitude and experience for the visitors coming to Mexico. The Resort Hotels, Tourism and Commerce Associations have combined all their efforts from campaigns, funds and donations, all in an order to attract tourism back to Mexico.

The price angle seems to be the weapon of choice of this war: Deals on All Inclusive Resorts are the word of the moment. Prices seem to have dropped in comparison to past years and the combination of air fare and Resort accommodations are easier to find more than ever.

Booking vacations online seems to be the preferred method of choice for travelers these days, and the biggest sites in that industry offer “hundreds of deals for you”, causing multiple windows to pop up and leaving us with multiple choices of helpful information as to the best possible prices out there.

This strategy seems to be working: Resort Corporations have reported 100% occupancy for the Christmas and New Year weeks and early bookings for Spring of 2011 are up also, and so far 65% of all rooms have been booked for this coming Spring. Will the trend continue remains to be seen, Resort Owners and Developers however Continue to be optimistic.