Apple has introduced its new faster and advanced iPhone 3gs. This fantastic smart phone has certain excellent aspects alluring people to buy it. 3G technology offers iPhone rapid access to the Internet and email on cellular networks all around the globe. Delivering support for 7.2Mbps HSDPA, the iPhones with 3G technology offers the following facilities:

– Surf the web
– Video watching
– Email downloading

You can enjoy all the above facilities even when you are on a call. As iPhone switches between 3G, EDGE, and faster Wi-Fi, you will receive the fastest connection all the time. Through Internet tethering, you are also allowed to share your Internet connection with a laptop. Joker Slot

Presently, you can easily accessorize your iPhone 3g or 3gs with fantastic new hardware add-ons turning your iPhone computing easier. There are 2 kinds of accessories. The ones belonging to the first type safeguards your iPhone, while the ones belonging to the second type assist you to personalize your iPhone. Scores of branded iPhone accessory manufacturers provide iPhone accessories together with its launch. Krusell, Kingston, Case-Mate, Piel Frama, Mugen Power, Plantonics, Otterbox and Covertec are some of the few well-known brands.

Safeguard your iPhone from depreciating

Screen protector or iPhone case is one among the most important accessories for iPhone. The transparent screen of the iPhone adds to its look and feel, but it is extremely prone to cracks and scratches. And who will not fell unhappy looking at the depreciated device? So, if you want to see your iPhone always new and excellent, consider buying an iPhone case. Buying a screen protector will safeguard the screen from accidental scratches and fingerprints.

Various manufacturers of iPhones have started selling various sorts of iPhone cases for the still to be introduced iPhones. Leather has proved to be the most popular material used for making iPhone cases. You will get these in a variety of colors and designs.

You can consider buying otter box to keep your iPhone 3G. These iPhone cases offer ample protection from moisture and shocks.

The Incase Protective Cover is made to offer the best in functionality. It offers direct access to the screen having touch controls. It also gives you proper access to the microphone and speakerphone openings. Apart from this, it gives a camera lens cutout and direct access to the dock connector.