Many families spend part of the year at a second home or traveling across the country in a recreational vehicle. Some customers want to view their favorite programs away from their primary home. DISH has an easy solution no matter what the situation may be.

Second Home Customers

Even though some families may have more than one residence, they generally only need one account if the service is only active at the residence at which they’re occupying. With the Mover Plan they can enjoy their DISH video service no matter which home is being utilized. Qualified customers may be eligible to receive a Mover at no additional charge. Certain steps must be taken so make sure to follow these 4 easy steps when moving.


  1. Just bring the receivers needed for the second home. All the satellite receivers on the account should stay active regardless of whether all the units are installed at the second location or not.
  2. Contact your original retailer, DISH or visit the website to locate a retailer. Once the installation is finished, the technician will have to contact customer service and provide the new address to complete the move. Account holder must be present for verification purposes when necessary.
  3. When returning to the first home, take the receivers and leave the antenna behind for future visits. phu tung xe tai
  4. Simply connect the receivers back up to the satellite antenna. If assistance is needed while reconnecting the equipment, contact the original retailer, DISH Network or whoever is preferred for support.


RV and Commercial Vehicle Customers

RV and Commercial vehicle families can have receivers installed at both their home and RV or commercial vehicle all from one account. There is a maximum of 6 receivers per account. Since the RV or commercial vehicle might be used in areas outside of the local market. There are options available to subscribe to Distant Network Service, but this requires a second account to subscribe to the service. A declaration will need to be submitted for approval.

Hopper and ViP series

Accounts that need a Hopper and ViP receiver may have two separate accounts as a Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR cannot be mixed with ViP series/MPEG-4 (MPEG-2) receivers on the same customer account. If a customer who has a Hopper in their primary home wants a ViP series receiver in their second home (or vice versa) they will need to have two separate customer accounts (one for the Hopper and one for the ViP receiver).