This article is an introduction to the benefits of using a pop up display stand if your company is exhibiting at a trade show. Whatever the size of your exhibition space, pop up display stands will create an eye catching seamless graphic display to suit your needs.

The popup display graphics can easily be updated or Banner Stands can be added to give your Pop up Display System a new look for every Exhibition you attend for a fraction of the cost of replacing your Exhibition Stand. Lightweight, robust and portable, they are the affordable option for any company considering buying its own Exhibition Display stands.

Pop up Displays have a number of benefits, they can be put together in a number of configurations to fit the Exhibition space and position you have chosen at any given Exhibition and are light and portable enough to be put up by one person. A4 Poster Stand

The pop up graphics can be changed without having to buy a whole new Exhibition display system. A Pop up Exhibition stand is more robust than putting together several Banner Stands to fill the same area. Your Pop up Exhibition stand can be used in different configurations and can be utilised, for example on a left hand or a right hand corner, or can be adapted to fit a longer, shallower stand space if required.

All pop up displays can easily be set up and dismantled without using any tools. The basic stand gives you the flexibility to add additional pop up display panels and accessories. You could also utilise Bannerstands or to provide a low cost solution getting across to your visitors a special offer or promotion only available at one particular Exhibition or Trade Show.

The advantages in terms of cost of one member of staff being able to transport the entire pop up display to the Exhibition in the back of their car and being able to put up the entire display stand without hiring in contractors is huge, especially in a small company with limited resources both in terms of money and man-power.

It is also a huge advantage at the end of the Exhibition when everyone is tired that the entire pop up display system can be dismantled in a few moments and wheeled away to the car park. No waiting for transport in the queuing system to load your stand, no risk of contractors being delayed – it is all so simple and straightforward.