While it’s true that the M4A1-S is currently underused in the CS:GO meta, this has opened the door to finding some of the best looking M4A1S skins for a lot less money than usual.

sell csgo skins for paypal, Here is our complete list of M4A1-S skins, ranging from the best cheap skins, to some good intermediate choices, and finally with the most premium skins.

1. M4A1-S Hyper Beast – Field Tested
The Hyper Beast was a game-changer in M4A1-S skins and drove people away from the Cyrex when it was released. It depicts an awesome image of a colorful, snarling beast on a background of blue. It?s undoubtedly a gorgeous weapon skin and one of the best the M4A1-S has.

2. M4A1-S Cyrex – Factory New
The Cyrex used to be the de facto best M4A1-S skin in CS:GO before a flood of competitors game in. This and the AK-47 Vulcan were the kings of their time. Still, though, it is a stunning weapon that has a really nice color combination of red, white and black.

3. M4A1-S Decimator – Field Tested
How on earth is this M4A1-S skin under $10?

4. M4A1-S Basilisk – Factory New
The M4A1 Basilisk is a classic skin for the gun and has been around for a while. Despite that, it remains one of the nicest-looking skins on this list, and for under $5 you really can?t go wrong with a skin that depicts a fierce Basilisk on the body of the weapon.

5. M4A1-S Nightmare – Well Worn
A harrowing M4A1-S skin to rival the haunting beauty of the Icarus Fell, this gun coat combines an electric blue on a dark background to produce a truly gorgeous skin. A mysterious beast occupies the center of the gun, where we imagine the inspiration for the name ?Nightmare? came from.

6. M4A1-S Chantico’s Fire – Field Tested
One of our personal favorites in terms of M4A1S skins is the Chantico?s Fire. It?s still an affordable skin but is easily one of the best-looking skins you can get for this gun. The vibrant color scheme catches eyes and is a great addition to an inventory.

7. M4A1-S Briefing – Field Tested
The briefing is a silenced M4 skin that hasn?t been in the game for that long, yet can be purchased for a very affordable price. It?s one of the best-looking cheap M4A1S skins and has an interesting pattern and nice color scheme of gray, red and blue.

8. M4A1-S Leaded Glass – Field Tested
The M4A1-S Leaded Glass is an explosion of color that really looks like a CS:GO skin that ought to be more expensive than it is. You can get the minimal wear version of this skin for under $5!

9. M4A1-S VariCamo – Field Tested
When you think of what a CS:GO skin should be – should actually be – then you?d think of weapon camouflage. If you?re the sort of player who wants to carry this theme on with your inventory, then the VariCamo M4A1-S is a very affordable option to do so.

10. M4A1-S Flashback – Factory New
A rifle for the peaceful among you, the M4A1-S Flashback stands out in a game of battle and war as a totem of peace. With several heart-warming messages on the skin, such as the phrase ?Make Love Not War? and even the globally recognisable peace symbol, this skin is a great addition to CS:GO. It?s especially pertinent belonging to the Counter-Terrorist side.

11. M4A1-S Basilisk – Field Tested
You can’t go wrong with the Basilisk. It’s the Maserati of skins – sleek and simple – but with the StatTrak edition under $10, you’d be thinking it’s the Dacia of skins it’s so cheap!

12. M4A1-S Nitro – Field Tested
The M4A1S Nitro is a simple skin that keeps things elegant with a color scheme of just orange and black – two colors that go extremely well together. The orange is subtle but contrasts so well with the black that this is definitely one of the best cheapest M4A1-S skins. The best news? You can get the minimal wear version of this skin for under $1!