Oh how I love Virginia Beach and all the activities that go with this experience. Virginia Beach is a great destination that I have experience over and over again since I was a little child. And you know what I am not tired of the experience yet. It seems like Virginia Beach keeps reinventing it self every year with more and more attractions to keep everyone keep coming back. These are exciting times for the RV enthusiast. And Virginia Beach offers everything for a complete, exciting RV vacation that you to could experience over and over again for generation to come. Revdanda Beach Camping

Lets start right at the RV camp. Most if not all of the RV camps in Virginia Beach offer great packages as to not allow you or your children to not get bored during any part of your vacation. These parks come with swimming pools, bike rentals, mini golf, and planned activities within the park. For the RV they offer amp service (usually a charge for this feature), firewood for cooking outside or just having a fire in your camp, a gated community to keep the creeps out, meeting rooms to get the whole family together, and for some this could be the most important modem dataports, although, for some this may be a curse. This is a vacation not a means to reconnect with the office.

Outside of the park Virginia Beach has a butt load of things to do. My personal recommendations follow. If you like to be scared head over to the boardwalk and check out the haunted houses. Their fun and are definitely worth going to at least once. Second, I would check out ocean breeze. This park has a water park as well as a go-cart course that is killer. Take the cars to their top speed and see whom you can beat. Next, go rent a bike on the waterfront. This is a great stress remover. Sit back and peddle your worries away as you breath in the fresh ocean air. Stop for a little while and check out some of the restaurants also. There is a great restaurant at the end of the boardwalk called the Lighthouse. This is a killer seafood restaurant and there drinks aren’t that bad either.

Last but not least. If you like fishing your Virginia Beach Camping experience will not be complete without getting some fishing in. If you like deep-sea fishing take a fishing excursion. There are boats that leave early in the morning or during the afternoon everyday and most captains’ guarantee to get you a full cooler of fish by the end of the trip. Check with the captain before embarking to see what their track record is in finding fish for their passengers. Also, whatever you catch some of the ships will even clean the fish during the trip. So, you could get back to your RV with food to last a week cleaned and ready to go directly into the pan.