Did you know that Vitamin D deficiency is common among African-Americans? And did you know that this deficiency causes greater susceptibility to illnesses that are more ubiquitous in African-Americans than among other ethnic groups?

I didn’t know any of this until I began learning about Emily Allison-Francis, who’s written a book on Vitamin D deficiency and why it’s so very important for people, specifically African-Americans, to get enough of it.

Her book, which I urge you to order a copy of is called¬†Correcting The Vitamin D Deficiency Epidemic: Strategies to Fight Disease and Prolong Life for Black People,¬†and it’s available on Amazon.com.

What was the impetus for the book?

While working as a librarian at Brooklyn’s Medgar Evers College, I helped students with research assignments by searching various databases. A good number of these students were pursuing science or nursing degrees. As I assisted them with their research assignments I was alarmed at data showing the disproportionate rate at which blacks suffered from major chronic diseases. I also found studies that showed how crucial vitamin D is to good health and that many blacks are critically deficient in vitamin D. With this information I connected the dots and saw the link between vitamin D deficiency and chronic disease in blacks. vitamine

Did Vitamin D Deficiency directly affect you or anyone in your family or community?

Many of my family members and friends have suffered and died from vitamin D related illnesses. I believe that, had the information in my book been available in our communities, greater numbers of people might have relieved their suffering and extended their lives by taking vitamin D supplements. Nonetheless, I have been told some encouraging stories about how vitamin D has been helping people improve their health. Some of these stories are in the book.

One 70 year-old lady who suffered excruciating muscle and bone pain over her entire body for years explained that she now never misses a day of Vitamin D supplements, because vitamin D helped her pain to disappear.

One man explains that vitamin D from several hours per day sun exposure, for about 3 weeks, healed his anxiety problem. His anxiety problem disappeared and he stopped taking anxiety medication.